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As we grow older our desire to go out on the town or socialize decreases and we tend to settle into a comfortable little domestic routine. Our priorities begin to shift as children grow older and prepare for college or to leave home, and we begin to think more about the future in terms of retirement rather than in measuring career goals. If you are reaching the stage of life you may have noticed changes in your cognition and mental capacity. While you may think that it is getting worse, it is likely just changing as your experience and gained wisdom begin to alter your outlook.

Home is Where the Heart Is

Whether you are living single or have been happily married for decades, or fall somewhere in between, our home typically becomes more important as we age. Much of our 20s and 30s are spent pursuing romance and finding our career path and much of our attention is focused outward.

When we reach our mid-40s and 50s, life becomes more centered around ourselves rather than others. Not in a selfish way, but meaning that we have our family and friend networks in place our careers are on track and we have established our social groups and hobbies. We generally aren’t out looking for the next big thing as we already have what we need professionally and socially.

This sense of being established typically equates to more time at home. While some may find the routine and stability a bit stifling, happiness trends begin to trend up again in later middle age. Our new found level of comfort means that we can now focus on creating the home that we’ve always wanted, especially as we are going to be spending more time there!

Explore New Styles

With age comes the confidence to trust ourselves and our judgment. A great way to explore this new-found confidence is through experimenting with new approaches to our design and home decor. We really love experimenting with paint palettes as it can provide an impactful change to any room while also being easy to correct if we hate it! Going out and buying all new furniture may be a stretch for many of us, but finding new throw pillows or cushion covers are two easy ways to really change the look of a room without breaking the budget!

Get Comfy

Have you always wished for a bed that you just sink into, or a less than aesthetically appealing but amazingly comfortable lounge chair? Well, now is the time to invest in the items that allow you to enjoy your home in the comfort and style that you desire. Friends and family already love us and the need to impress other people certainly fades as we age, so why not get that La-Z Boy you’ve always dreamed of? If you don’t create your ideal home now, when will you? There is no reason to keep putting off creating the sanctuary that you have always wanted your home to be.

Our homes really are our castles and as we reach middle age and later, it is likely that we will be spending more time there. Why not create the ideal space for you to enjoy your time and create a reflection of your life up to this point? Personal belongings deserve to be showcased where they can be appreciated and making space in your home decor for your most treasured items will allow you to enjoy them every day. It’s time to embrace aging and all of the benefits that come with it!

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Author: Mike Bundrant