“How deep is your love, how deep is your love, I really mean to learn, Cause we’re living in a world of fools, Breaking us down, When they all should let us be” Barry Gibb / Maurice Gibb / Robin Gibb

“God is Love” God 

“There ain’t no doubt in no ones mind, That love’s the finest thing around” James Taylor 

There is a God of love in a world full of hate, how can that be? 

Let’s take a slice of humble pie and really see what humanity is. I remember Carl Sagan’s mantra of ‘Billions and billions of stars.’ In the grand scheme of things, we aren’t so big. In fact in the small scheme of things we aren’t even big.  Mankind has been very busy destroying planet Earth thinking that he is lord and master.  Then a hurricane or an earthquake hits and everything is put into perspective. Also, in every human being’s life, there will come death. Death is something that will show just how much power you have.

Though we are vanity God numbers the hairs on our head. God loved us so much that he sent his only begotten son Jesus. But that is a matter of faith. But even a blind man knows when the sun is shining and everybody can feel love.

I was prompted by an atheist’s Facebook post to watch a debate between a street preacher and somebody who didn’t believe. The street preacher was foolishly trying to use logic to prove the existence of God. With God, there is always the element of faith. God cannot be proven to exist. Sure there is ample evidence for God, especially if one understands mathematics and the vast improbability of the theory of evolution working. But Love is the core of the faith, not logic.

I could present elaborate psychological arguments about the power of ‘turning the other cheek’ and ‘loving one’s enemy.’ But it is easier to put the teachings into action than to give such a dissertation. I think the best argument for Christianity is the life of one. The proof, after all, isn’t in the mind or in theories but in the living. If Christianity didn’t have such a positive impact on my life I wouldn’t have kept the faith for thirty years.

If you find a faithful Christian church it will be full of love. I have been a member of four congregations. The depths of the Love have varied from superficial to deep. When somebody goes through a problem their circumstances seem extreme. Unfortunately, it is impossible to drop everything to take care of one of our brothers and sisters. When I first got hospitalized for mental illness I received a good number of cards. While this was encouraging nobody came to visit. As my mental illness progressed and I returned to the hospital on several occasions it seemed like I had been forgotten. There were no more cards nor did any visits materialize.

Nobody wants to be alone in this world to face the perils of life unaided. That is what Love is about, that there is somebody on your side.  I am talking a lot more than thoughts and prayers. As far as I am concerned if you offer somebody thoughts and prayers when you can do something about it than your thoughts and prayers are really worthless. James chapter 2 says ‘Faith without deeds is dead.” If you are hungry and I say to you I’ll pray that you get some food, well then that is a problem. If somebody is hungry you should feed them, if you don’t you don’t love them.

Love works both ways, if you want people to be there for you, then you should be there for them. In fact, it is better to give than receive. Again that is another tenet that goes against conventional thinking. In this world, we are told to look out for number one. I could break it down but the reality is that the best way to look out for number one is to help others. In life, we reap what we sow.

So take all of your logical arguments against the existence of God and I, in turn, will be a devoted, compassionate and loving person following the example of Jesus Christ.

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Author: John Kaniecki