You are where?

In life, everyone has to find their way.

For some reason many people seem to get reassurances that they are on the right path, while some others not only don’t get those reassurances, they also get mixed impressions about what their paths might or should be.

And I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I’m in that second group.

There are two kinds of people

One of my favorite jokes is that there are two types of people in this world, those who divide the population up into groups and those who don’t … I’m the first type.

Okay, it’s not as funny as the one that states there are 10 types of people, those who understand binary math and those who don’t, but I like it.

The thing is, there will always be two types of people. Those with ADHD and those without.


The ADHD group has a preponderance of people who have trouble finding their way in life.

Recently the world has started to move to a career model that sees people having multiple careers in their lives, and that means that we will not stand out like we used to.

But the thing that isn’t being discussed is that we will continue to bounce from vocation to vocation without much success.

We aren’t incompetent

On the contrary, we often see things through to the point that success is assured … and then the fun is gone and we move on before that assured success actually happens.

Additionally, we also will work at something until difficulties prove the thing to be mind numbingly boring, and then we bounce.

Short story is …

A life path that has many changing directions isn’t bad, but our inability to stick to one direction until success is reached makes life difficult no matter why we have that problem.

And as I’ve mentioned before, awareness is one of our greatest tools. Understanding how this happens cannot cure us of this problem.

But maybe …

Maybe we only need some successes?

Maybe we need to skip out on certain things. How much is our sanity worth?

And …

Maybe if we drive through to some of the successful conclusions we’ll get a taste for closing deals, wrapping up careers.

And at the very least, some success might make life somewhat easier.


Maybe we need to redefine success. If the job got done and we moved on, who cares if someone else took it from there and made it huge.

So long as we didn’t lose ground.

So long as we’re still alive and happy and moving forward on our own path, even if forward is in many directions.

I know I’m on my way these days, just a few more left turns … and a few more right ones too.