What makes you different from every other mental health clinic?

Love that question! From the moment you call, email or communicate with our office, you will see how responsive and compassionate our staff is. We have one goal: To provide the most inspiring, supportive and helpful environment for each person. We use state of the art, evidence-based natural and psychological modalities to help restore wellness to you and your loved ones. You will really like our holistic approach to wellness as we integrate emotional wellbeing, body movement and self-care into the healing process. Give us a call today and start living a more balanced and centered life as you join the Core Wellness family.

Can't I just talk to a friend or family member?

You can certainly try! But if you found this page, you have probably realized that it doesn’t always work too well. As trained mental health professionals, we bring knowledge, skills and evidence based interventions to the table. Sure, your friends and family are wonderful and smart people, but sometimes you need more than that. We create a compassionate, non-judgmental atmosphere for you to receive validation and direction based on our training and experience.

How does this work?

We tailor our approach based on each unique individual’s needs. You can expect to attend our individual, couple, family or group sessions, depending on your needs and preference. We will be happy to go over the process with you in a free consultation.

Do you offer a free consultation?

Absolutely! Our staff is the best in the field. We want you to get a chance to talk with our team member to make sure it is a match for your needs. We offer a free 10 to 20 minute phone consultation so you can ask any questions and gain clarity about the therapy process. Simply fill out our contact form and request a free phone consultation.

Do you guarantee results?

While results can never be guaranteed, we are committed to working as hard as you are willing to work! We are with you throughout the process. From a recent survey, 95% of our clients who replied shared that they found working with us to be helpful.

Do you give homework?

Each therapist has their own style, however, we are always in sync with you. Some clients ask for us to give them follow up assignments, whereas most feel that the thought-provoking sessions give them their own sense of what they are working on to make progress.

Are your sessions private?

We follow state HIPPA regulations, protecting your confidentiality and ensuring for your feeling safe and comfortable to share with us. If you are attending a group therapy session, although we cannot take responsibility for other clients, we ask that each member attending respect the confidentiality of all the other group members.

Do you accept insurance?

We do not accept insurance. In our experience, we have found that this allows our clinicians to provide the most professional, confidential, hassle free services available. This frees you and us from being given time limits, requiring diagnosis codes and the myriad of other confusing aspects of insurance carriers. Upon your request, we are happy to provide a full receipt for you to try to submit to your insurance.